Price and service

Welcome to Bobs Component Saw Service . I service component saws and radial arm saws for the roof truss industries.I Can assist in plant layout,Production consulteing and assist with saw purchases.

I alsooffer free phone tech support and can supply parts or assist you ordering parts that are needed

I am  authorized sales and service tech for Mangotech product line. Call for a list of products and prices. or visit Mangotech.com

The saws I service:

  Timbermill Component saw 6-20,5-20& 4-14 all years                                                                      (Manufactured by: Speed Cut,Advanced equip.sys. and Alpine)

Metra cut Radial arm saws      (manufactured by: Speed Cut & Alpine)

Apollo saw ,Automated and manual     ( Manufactured by Mangotech)

Clary Saws  (craftmaster,lumbermaster, and master saws)

Idaco saws (Componamatic, Webmatics)

Other saws Including Mitec, Desaws,GCA


I am Bob Wortman Owner operator . I have been working on saws for the roof truss industry since 1988. I started at Speed Cut Inc And worked there for 7 years. The first 2 years I had a chance to build every piece of equipment they made learning every assembly including wiring control boxes for the Timbermills.The last 5 years at Speed Cut I installed and went on service calls all over USA & Canada. In 1992 Alpine purchased Speed cut Inc.  And in 1995 moved the Company to Texas where they changed the name to Alpine as a manufacturer of all Speed Cut Equipment. I used this Opportunity to start Bob's Component Saw Service and have been sevicing saws since. In 2004 Mangotech approached me about selling ,installing and servcing there equipment.Since that time I have sold and installed several apollo saws with automation . There equipment is among the best in the industry and a great company to work with.